Dala HorseIt’s the coffee to catch!

When we decided to open the Fish House, we knew that there are tons of other coffee shops out there. However, no other coffee shop provides the Kanabec County area with the experience that we provide. Rather than just coming in, getting your coffee, and leaving, why not come to a place where coffee is just one of many different elements of the experience? We are here to serve you, so no matter if you are in search of a premium blend coffee, a fresh handmade sandwich, or a place to organize your community group, The Fish House is your place.

Local Coffee

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Local Food

Find Out More About Our Menu, Our Partnership with Downtown Deli and Bread Honey Pantry and Our Local Food Vendors
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Gift Shop

Check Out The Local Artisan Crafts We Provide At Our Gift Shop
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Mora Community

See How The Fish House Provides the Mora Community With a Central Gathering Place
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